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My honest apologies, you have encountered yet another locked journal, with the except for my graphic posts and drawings, other materials will be locked because Friend's Only posts.
My main subject of interest and the primarily subject for most of my grahic post is of my fandom (Japanese boyband Arashi).

Do know this, I like to spam sometimes. If I say I'm going to spam, then yup, I will.
But not a harsh spam, maybe 6 posts after another! XD
And I don't like LJ cut, because I'm LJ technical novice and because I like to show off sometimes :P

The text below is a list of names who helped me for my graphic work, either scanlations, texture and other graphic material.
I thank you so much for your efforts to share.

If you want to ask something.
Don't post in my current post, send me a private message.

NOTE: Always on the update~ and sorry for not arranging. I'm a dial user so I can't really see who is who without wasting precious time waiting. I have many things to do.

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The following are banners I have won during icon challenges.
I am very proud of my wins and loses and hope to continue challenging against other amazing icon creators.

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my eyes google.

All the following caps were taken by me.

The following includes a list of shows I have watched, movies, television series and all things related to tv.
I might update for you see, some titles are empty.

Don't ask me where I watched these, I got 3/4 downloaded by my best friend.

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A R A S H I / Icon Bases


Arashi bases!?
Yes, I've decided to make some since this is my personal-graphic journal. XD
Any picture I think that is proper for iconing, I'll make into a base for your use and mine aswell.
And don't mind if some will be in a cluttery messy order.

I don't really know what's required when creating bases of any kind, so I'll just show you what I've done to them.
No obvious effect or texts, just making them more focused.

Will have this on perminant first-page front, make sure to visit for more updates in the future ^_^)9
EDIT: Put into servers. It's more neater that way.

Comment if taking.


NEW Links [MF] : BATCH 03
[Added: 23/NOV/2008] [sum: 44 icons] [size: 685 KB]

Links [
MF] : BATCH 02
[Added: 16/MARCH/2008] [sum: 85 icons] [size: 1.27 MB]

Links [MF] : BATCH 01
[Added: 15/MARCH/2008] [sum: 169 icons] [size: 2.44 MB]



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I lied... How in the world can I not post~~

Mhm. Posting icons twice a week seems heavy. @_@) Ah~ I need some sleep!

*looks at the content one more time* Looks like I went overboard with Oono kun last month and the passed month before it...
I'm sorry! XD; I wont do it again.


May contain spoilers. (?) I personally don't think it spoils the story....
But, it's harless to warn people who haven't seen the movie yet. XD;
So~ dont eat me if I ruin something, I DID write spoi~lers~


So, this is Kei chan. The silly odd guy from Kiiroi Namida. Mhm~

The following screenshots were shot by me.
Do comment if taking~
I don't really care if you credit, so don't let that bother you.

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I just look like It.&quot;, &quot;I&#39;m not Death

:D X POSTED!! Sorry.. Broken Cut. EDITTED!!

Oh! It's been a while, hasn't it?
XD I'm still not going to update for a while, well not until February ends. Why? Not sure~~

Anyhoo, enjoi these. ^_^)


Resources and credit are posted in the first post of my journal.

Do comment if taking. Credit isn't mandatory.
Don't claim as your own, nor do state that you've created these.
Click on the tag for more~
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Golden being

Where addiction loves digital art.

Good way to spend the day ^o^);9 Making graphics!
Since I haven't been making tutorials in like...

A long while, I thought I'd make now.

Except I won't write the details, just provide the .PSD files, in them you'll find some footnotes on the layers themselves.
Do ask if you have any concern and questions. I'll be glad to answer.

This is by no way a reason for you to use my .PSD files and commit to them without adding your own personal touch.
This is merely to educate yourself about different techniques and skills you could add in your work.
Be simple, be creative and be yourself.


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Golden being

Not an angel.

So, the new Believe PV is really something! It's been awhile since I watched an animation music video and I'm sure I'm going to love it more than I am already XD Woo Hoo!!

Ok, so for the next month I'm going to go on hiatus because I'll be busy with personal matters (Yeh, I take a month :P). Though I will continue making graphics of some sort I'm sure. And speaking of graphics here's a wallpaper and calender of Oono Satoshi kun's latest shot in the TV Navi magazine (?) Pretty cool angle, I'd say. Enough of me typing, here goes your wallpapers.

Do inform me if something is up with the links provided. Other than that, do enjoi.
Do not provide other mirrors.

[MF]: View
Resolution: 1280x800

[MF]: View
Resolution: 1280x800